Mercari Advent Calendar 2022 is coming up!

Hello! I’m @yasu_shiwaku from the Engineering Office.
We have our annual Advent Calendar event in December every year and we’ll be hosting it again this year!

We have both Mercari and Merpay Advent Calendar at the same time, so please check out Merpay side as well.

Merpay Advent Calendar 2022

Also our engineering team at Souzoh (Mercari Shops) is running an Advent Calendar project a bit ahead from November. Please check it out if interested!

Mercari Shops Flying Advent Calendar2022 (Japanese only)

What is the Advent Calendar?

The original meaning of Advent Calendar is "a calendar that counts down to Christmas". Based on this custom, Advent Calendar is a public blogging event where people post a blog every day from December 1st to 25th.

We’ll be sharing our knowledge of the technologies used by our engineers at Mercari group. We hope this Advent Calendar will help you to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas.

Past Advent Calendar

Open Calendar

This is a collection of links to each article. I recommend bookmarking this page to for the prompt update, and it will be very useful if you want to check it out at a later date.

Date Theme / Title Author
12/1 Mercari Hack Fest : Unlimited Hacktivity – The Result! @Yoza
12/2 数字で振り返るMercari Engineering Blogの1年間 @yasu_shiwaku
12/3 未知の脅威に対抗するメルカリのCI再設計 @michaelf
12/4 Capturing and applying knowledge through a personal knowledge management practice @josh
12/5 組織内コミュニケーションにはどのようなものがあるのか分類してみた @afroscript
12/6 FinOpsへの取組 エンジニア組織の意識を変えた「データストーリーテリングに基づいたコスト可視化」 @bungo
12/7 FinOpsへの取組 地道な計数管理とデータ加工の日々 @bungo
12/8 Web Design System: Migrating Web Components To React @wills, faisal
12/9 The importance of role definition in an engineering organization @stouf
12/10 My journey from an SWE Intern at Mercari JP to SWE at Mercari India @vaibhav.jain
12/11 Ten Tips to Improve Your Technical Writing @rey
12/12 メルカリにおけるA/Bテスト分析自動化の取り組み @yaginuuun
12/13 Seamless critical traffic migration with CoreDNS request rewrite feature @raphael
12/14 Exploring the possibility of Istio Ingress Gateway @hatappi
12/15 DevStats – メルカリ グループの各種指標計測について @masartz
12/16 Do We Need Engineers in a ChatGPT World? @darren
12/17 Mercari India : The story of Mercari Group’s first ever Global Center of Excellence @mohan.bhatkar
12/18 Moving to cloud: How to do Migrations the wrong way @kaustubh
12/19 What is Data Reliability Engineering @US DRE(Dan M.L., Xi Zhou, hatone)
12/20 Optimizing React Re-Renders for Improved Performance @sahil505
12/21 私たちはKubernetes SchedulerにWasm拡張の夢を見るか @sanposhiho
12/22 Droidkaigiスポンサーブース運営の裏側と振り返り2022版 @kuu
12/23 Showcasing “DevDojo,” a Series of Mercari-Developed Learning Content for Engineering @aisaka
12/24 Customer Inquiry Routing Algorithm @prashant
Working in a cross functional team @deepak
12/25 Look back of Mercari Engineering 2022 @Engineering Board members

Please bookmark this article and check it out when you want to read it or follow the official Mercari Developers Twitter @MercariDev so you can be aware of article publication notifications!

We’re looking forward to bringing you some interesting technology stories in the last month of 2022! I hope you’re looking forward to the Advent Calendar!

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