Mercari Advent Calendar 2020 is coming up!

Hello! I’m @kayoreena of the Mercari Engineering Office.

The year 2020 will be over in a month! How was your life in 2020?

We have our annual Advent Calendar event in December every year and we’ll be hosting it again this year!

We have both Mercari and Merpay Advent Calendar at the same time.
▶ Merpay Advent Calendar 2020 is here here

What is the Advent Calendar?

The original meaning of Advent Calendar is "a calendar that counts down to Christmas". Based on this custom, Advent Calendar is a public blogging event that people post a blog every day from December 1 to 25.

We’ll be sharing our knowledge of the technologies used by our engineers at Mercari and Merpay. We hope this Advent Calendar will help you to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas.

Past Advent Calendar

Open Table.

This is a collection of links to each article. I recommend bookmarking it because it will be updated as needed and is very useful if you want to check it out at a later date.

Date Blog link (link after publication)
12/1 Writing Good Design Documents by @ann.kilzer
12/2 Streaming Reasoning Case Study Using Mediapipe – Find items to sell from inside the house with a camera in hand by @Chica
12/3 The story of making a barcode reader that works in the browser using Rust/Wasm by @_mkazutaka
12/4 How to be the change you want to see in Engineering by @rafa.88
12/5 Understanding basics of what/why/how in microservices by @codechaitu
12/6 Findings from adding an index to Spanner in production over 57 hours with no downtime by @tarotaro0
12/7 Toward Better Data Management on BigQuery with dbt by @yu
12/8 Hashtags Community Analysis in Mercari Marketplace by @Kaili
12/9 I created a Mercari Voice Search using Actions Builder by @otter
12/10 Engineer Hiring Process by @sadah
12/11 Quality Assurance is Engineering Excellence by @kwakasa
12/12 Escape the curse of the Cursor with CursorWrapper by @kinnerapriyap
12/13 新卒エンジニアがデータマイグレーションに挑戦して学んだこと by @nozomoto
12/14 Webサービス上の画像変換とWebPの利用について by @catatsuy
12/15 DevSecOps: What Is It and Why Is It Gaining Momentum in the Industry? by @gloria
12/16 メルカリのエンジニア全員が集まるEngineering All Hands(定例会議)の立ち上げと改善 by @afroscript
12/17 OK Google, Protocol Buffers から生成したコードを使って Node.js で gRPC 通信してby@vwxyutarooo
12/18 2つのアプリを書き直して見えてきたSwiftUIのよさとつらみポイント by @kagemiku_en
12/19 Engineering Officeについて by @hisahiko
12/20 iOSクライアントのホーム画面まとめ by @masaki.haga
12/21 メルカリのQAエンジニアの取り組み2020 by @….rina…. others
12/22 Enhance Kubernetes Security with OPA Gatekeeper by @morito
12/23 Price Guidance System for Mercari US by @Rishabh
12/24 A major milestone on the road to microservices: Data center migration by @stanaka
12/25 メルカリCTOが考えるエンジニアの価値 by @suguru

Day 1 of the Mercari Advent Calendar 2020 will be written by @ann.kilzer from the Web Platform team.

Please bookmark this article and check it out when you want to read it or follow the official Mercari DevTwitter @mercaridevjp so you can be aware of article publication notifications!

We’re looking forward to bringing you some interesting technology stories in the last month of 2020! I hope you’re looking forward to the Advent Calendar!

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