Introducing the Materials and Videos of Mercari’s 2024 New Graduate Engineer Training “DevDojo” !

Hi! I’m @yuki.t from Mercari’s Engineering Office.

At Mercari, we value mechanisms and opportunities for members to learn from each other, aiming to create an organization where everyone can grow together while pursuing high standards.

One such mechanism is the "DevDojo" in-house technical training program. In this training program, volunteers from within the company hold sessions to explain the different technologies used at Mercari. They are held annually to coincide with new graduate engineers joining the company.

We have been releasing a portion of the training content externally through a Learning materials Website for a few years.

A variety of sessions were offered in April this year as part of our new graduate training and onboarding. This blog introduces some of this year’s sessions.
We have also started providing new content, that we’d love for you to check out..

What is DevDojo?

Onboarding for new graduate engineers consists of two parts: a general training program to learn business etiquette and other necessary skills for work, and a training program to learn technical knowledge related to product development.
You can read more about the entire new graduate training program in this blog.

We refer to the technical training as "DevDojo." As you may have guessed, the name "DevDojo" is a blend of the words "development" and "dojo" (the Japanese term for a place of training or learning, especially Judo or other martial arts).

At DevDojo, employees serve as instructors to provide training and onboarding on the technologies used within the company. New graduate engineers can learn a wide range of product-related technologies regardless of their assigned role or technical area.

We believe that to enhance products with passion, it is essential to understand not only one’s own technical expertise but also the product as a whole. We prioritize the implementation of training programs throughout the organization.

In addition, the training is open to any member of the company. Anyone can attend any session that interests them, regardless of their technical area or job duties.

Here is what we’re making public

The Learning materials Website enables us to make some of the sessions from the training offered at DevDojo available to the public.
This year, two new themed sessions have been added.

Both sessions are about perspectives and ideas that are important for members who are newly starting their engineering careers.

We are also updating and providing other content.
More than half of Mercari’s engineering organization is made up of employees hailing from outside of Japan, sessions are offered in either Japanese or English, with simultaneous interpretation provided.

Here is this year’s training content for Mercari Engineers!

Problem Solving

In this session, software engineering will be considered as pure problem solving, and the steps from problem recognition to solution will be explained, with reference to past projects.
This is the first content in the series written by a Principal Engineer.

Ship Code Faster

This session will cover the productivity metrics used by various tech companies, discuss development and engineering practices to reduce the time from development start to feature release. It will also provide tangible steps on career progression for engineers who are new to their careers.

Mercari Design Doc

This session teaches the basics of the design docs (also known as technical specifications) needed for product development. It also explains how to write a good design doc and how design docs are used at Mercari.

Mercari Quality Assurance

In Mercari’s fast-paced development cycle, Quality Assurance(QA) is critical to the success of the application. In this course, you will learn about Mercari’s QA team and what processes, tools, and techniques are used to quickly identify and solve issues.

Merpay Quality Assurance

This presentation will explain the concept and importance of Quality Assuarance(QA) at Merpay and how QA engineers are involved in the development process.
It will also introduce the efforts to ensure that not only the QA engineers but also everyone involved in the development focuses on quality.
Slide-English / Slide-Japanese

Mercari Incident Management

This session introduces incident management in Mercari and its best practices. It shares a complete incident journey, working through the three phases "before, during, and after the incident." It also covers how incident reviews are conducted and how the quality of retrospectives is enhanced throughout the company.

[Basic] Machine Learning

At Mercari, AI is used to offer unique features such as Mercari AI Assist. This session goes over the general concepts of machine learning (“ML”) as well as the fundamentals of AI and ML. It also introduces how ML is implemented at Mercari by using actual projects as case studies.

Mercari Mobile Development

Mercari’s mobile development workflow has established rules for release cycles and operational processes in order to improve the user-friendliness and how fast we can release new services. This session teaches the development cycle and process actually used in the development of Mercari’s mobile services.

Mercari Design System for Mobile

Design systems are something that Mercari is heavily focused on in the interest of providing our users with a sustainable and consistent user experience. In this session, we will explain the basics of design systems for mobile, and how we actually create and operate them at Mercari.

Auth Platform Onboarding

In order to securely communicate between services managed by the Mercari Group, authentication and authorization are inseparable. In this session, we will introduce the role and usage of access tokens as the foundation of this authentication infrastructure.

In closing

We encourage open collaboration, based on our culture of “Trust & Openness” and “Open Organization”.
Based on this idea, we provide new graduate engineers with training and onboarding by volunteer engineers within the company. We also aim to contribute to the entire industry by sharing organizational and technical information not only internally but also externally.
This year, we were able to add and publish sessions on two new themes, and the implementation and publication of the training involve the collaboration and effort of many engineers, team members, and related teams. We would like to thank all members for their contributions to DevDojo!

We will continue to update and publish the DevDojo series, so please look forward to it.

Lastly, Mercari Group is now actively hiring engineers! If you are at all interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Open position – Engineering at Mercari

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