Learning materials




  • Introduction to Machine Learning

    One of Mercari's unique features is the photo search function. This is achieved by utilizing AI machine-learning for a vast amount of data. In this course, we will explain the basic concepts of AI & ML and some of the key ideas in machine learning. We also introduce how machine learning is implemented at Mercari using examples of actual projects.

    Instructor name: Yusuke Shido

  • Design System for Mobile

    To provide customers with a sustainable and consistent service experience, Mercari places a strong emphasis on the Design System. In this course, we will explain the fundamentals of Design System in mobile applications and how we create and implement design at Mercari.

    Instructor name: Fumiya Kume

  • Introduction to Mobile Development

    To efficiently provide more user-friendly services, Mercari's mobile development team has established rules for release cycles and operational processes. In this course, we will explain the actual development cycle and process implemented in the development of Mercari's mobile apps.

    Instructor name: Hideaki Touhara

  • Successful Scrum Team at Mercari

    Scrum development is one of the Agile methodologies and is incorporated into Mercari's product development. It is a framework in which small teams of developers work in repeated development cycles over a short period of time. In this course, we will explain the basic concept of Scrum, the development process at Mercari, and its objectives.

    Instructor name: Shohei Kikuchi

  • Introduction to Design Doc

    In this course, we will explain the basic concepts of using Design Doc for product development and introduce the template that is currently in use at Mercari. We will also cover how to write a good design doc and deal with it in Mercari.

    Instructor name: Ashish Kumar

  • KYC In Action

    When Merpay provides payment services, we conduct identity verification for customers engaging in transactions. In this course, we will explain the fundamentals of Know Your Customer (KYC), the different types of KYC, and their application in Merpay.

    Instructor name: Manpreet Kaur

  • Introduction to Authentication Platform

    The Merpay payment platform implements authentication and authorization measures to ensure secure external communication. In this course, we will explain the basic concepts of accounts and authentication (AuthN/AuthZ) and will introduce the authentication infrastructure utilized by the Mercari Group.

    Instructor name: Tatsuya Karino

  • Quality Assurance Policy

    Quality Assurance (QA) is vital for consistently delivering services in a safe and secure manner within fast development cycles. In this course, we will explain the QA processes, tools, and techniques used to efficiently identify and resolve problems.

    Instructor name: Masami Yajiri

  • Experiments and FeatureFlags

    In this course we will go over the essentials for understanding experimentation at Mercari, and how to instrument and configure basic experiments and feature flags. We will also briefly review how this affects our development practices.

    Instructor name: Rhomel Gerald Chinsio

  • Microservices Development 101

    In this course, we will explain a basic overview of Microservices and various tools combined with GitOps used inside Mercari which powers the developer platform.

    Instructor name: Arjun Hemrajani