Learning materials




  • Experiments and FeatureFlags

    In this course we will go over the essentials for understanding experimentation at Mercari, and how to instrument and configure basic experiments and feature flags. We will also briefly review how this affects our development practices.

    Instructor name: Rhomel Gerald Chinsio

  • Microservices Development 101

    In this course, we will explain a basic overview of Microservices and various tools combined with GitOps used inside Mercari which powers the developer platform.

    Instructor name: Arjun Hemrajani

  • Mercari’s Incident management process

    In this course, we will explain incident management in Mercari and its best practices of it. We share a complete incident journey, working through the three phases "before, during, and after the incident." We also cover how we conduct incident reviews and improve retrospective qualities throughout the company.

    Instructor name: Maruti Nandan Sharma

  • Design Doc

    In this course, we will explain the basic knowledge of Design Doc for product development and introduce the template that Mercari actually uses now. We will also cover how to write a good design doc and how we use them in Mercari.

    Instructor name: Hideaki Touhara

  • Quality Assurance

    In Mercari’s fast-paced development cycle, QA is critical to the success of the application. In this course, you will learn about Mercari’s QA team and what processes, tools, and techniques are used to quickly identify and solve issues.

    Instructor name: Jye Ruey, Theo Paolo Lim

  • Development processes and Tools at Mercari

    In this course, we will explain product development processes in Mercari and how to handle them in JIRA. We will also cover the Agile development process that Mercari has been utilizing for the past three years.

    Instructor name: Ambuj Pandey