Open-Source Development

Introducing a part of Mercari Group’s source code.

Why Open Source?

Mercari’s systems are based on a variety of software developed with open source. Without the community, culture and achievements of open source, it would have been difficult for Mercari to build up its systems as they are today and to provide value to so many users. Mercari continues to be supported by the numerous achievements made by the open source community, which allow for Mercari’s continuous development.

The open source culture has helped the world develop many great ideas and products, and Mercari is one such product. Technologies built on open source have accelerated innovation and continue to create a better world.

For our part, we would like to give back to the open source community its innovations by contributing back the knowledge we have accumulated over many years of developing and operating Mercari.

The open source community is a place where world-class engineers can come together in order to create advanced technologies. What Mercari learns from the community is not limited to technology; top-notch development processes, mechanisms to ensure code quality, security controls, and organization management methods are created and tested regularly. We believe encouraging engineers to work in this high-level environment will lead to the enhancement of our technology and product quality as a whole, as well as the creation of innovations.

For these reasons, Mercari is promoting its activities towards open source. We strive to allow individuals to make contributions to the open source through various technologies developed in their daily work.

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