The Mercari Group holds conferences, study sessions, and many other events related to technology and engineering.

Conferences and Events at Mercari

Having opportunities to produce output is essential for innovation. At Mercari, we believe that holding events is an important part of this output. Proactively learning, verifying, and utilizing that knowledge in order to develop organizations or products and give back to society is a cycle that improves both our individual skills, and our company’s presence. This is why we actively promote learning opportunities for all team members within Mercari.

Mercari Gears Lecture Series

Mercari Gears Lecture Series is our online technical resource, where we share what we have been working on, and companies and technologies that we are interested in.

Large-Scale Tech Conferences

Mercari Group organizes large-scale events in order to share our technology and insights from our engineering organization with the rest of the world.

Mercari Tech Conf 2018

The topic of Mercari Tech Conf 2018 was “Evolution”. Throughout the presentations, we looked back at all the changes that have occurred within the Mercari Group in the past year, as well as the changes to come. Check out this article to read more about it.

Mercari Tech Conf 2017

The topic of Mercari Tech Conf 2017 was “NEXT”. Throughout the presentations, we talked about all the technological changes we went through from Mercari’s inception to the present, and our vision for the future. Check out this article to read more about it.

Regular Events

Engineers at Mercari frequently organize and run various events. The events have different goals, like consolidating what we’ve learned, sharing insights we’ve gained from product development and getting feedback, or contributing to the tech community. We use three platforms to share information and organize our events. Events for Japanese speakers are mainly posted on Connpass, and events for English speakers are posted on