Mercari India Backend Team Intro Video at First-Ever Online Meet-Up!

Hello, everyone! I am Kayo, and I am responsible for Mercari India’s Employer Branding. On August 20th, we held the first-ever online meet-up in Mercari India. Over 50 members joined the meet-up in real-time, and we received many questions and comments. I’d like to thank everybody who took the time to be with us!

This is a summary of the first-ever online meet-up in Mercari India. The topic of this first meet-up was the introduction of Mercari Group’s Backend Team. The meet-up was also attended by backend engineers from Merpay, another Group company, who explained how backend development works in Merpay.

In this article, I’d like to share the presentations and the recording of the event. You can find out more about each of the teams from the documents. If you’re interested in Mercari India, please check it out!

1.Trust And Safety Backend Introduction

Trust and Safety (TnS) refers to monitoring, detecting, and handling prohibited behavior, including fraud, to ensure that Mercari users have a safe and secure experience. TnS in Mercari is not only implemented by the Customer Service (CS) Team which detects and handles such matters, but also by the TnS Team which is developing a platform that makes use of machine learning.

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Trust and Safety as a platform provides content moderation of listed items, user comments and transaction messages between users, etc. It detects any violations or prohibited actions from users by using various automated approaches such as Rule based model, machine learning-based detection, etc. After detection of such actions, users causing nuisance are either warned or restricted to use the Mercari service and the content created by them is hidden. TnS team is providing such automated approaches to proactively detect violations and take actions to ensure a safe marketplace for customers.

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2.Marketing Operations Backend Introduction

Marketing ops as a solution provides user segment, campaigns and incentive services to help tool consumers to design communication experiments and or incentive experiments.

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Marketing Ops as a platform enables Marketers (tool consumers) to design strategies to incentivize users based on their actions. These actions could be in the past or in real-time. Using this tool Marketers run various incentivization programs and communication to engage users to the app, targeting the existing users as well as new users. It helps to promote more buying and selling actions which is an integral part of the overall Mercari app and thus enabling to boost the overall revenue of the company.

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3.Merpay Backend Introduction

Merpay, Inc. was established in November 2017 as a fully-owned subsidiary of Mercari, Inc., with the goal of starting a new business related to finance. Using the technological know-how, vast user base, and foundation of data from the marketplace app Mercari, the company’s goal is not only to provide Merpay as a method of payment, but to create a new form of trust that could be used to provide various other financial services in the future.

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Merpay as part of Mercari Group aims to provide circular finance for customers. Merpay has 3 focus areas: Payment, Credit, and Growing Wallet. Payment is one of the core parts of Merpay, handling millions of transactions, customers, and merchants has to be reliable, scalable, and consistent. Cash I/O is a team that connects and manages Mercari Group with financial institutions, mainly banks. Payment Platform is a team that manages the processing of all payments throughout Mercari infrastructure and external providers.

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4.Mercari ID Platform Backend Introduction

The ID Platform Team is a dedicated team which provides the authentication and authorization platform for both Japan region marketplace and fintech services.
As a software engineer in the ID Platform Team, you will support Mercari Group’s growth with not only skills in the backend domain, but also expertise in the authentication and authorization domain.

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Mercari Group is expanding into different businesses, starting from C2C eCommerce to Payment and now cryptocurrencies also. With each new endeavor, the requirement of having a versatile, strong, and yet user-friendly access control environment is needed. Also, as a big business, we have many partners to which our customers sometimes need to provide some data from Mercari in a limited manner.
To support these requirements, Mercari Group has a dedicated team ID platform team that manages the authentication and authorization infrastructure and provides access control to the internal, external, first party and third-party services.

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We are actively recruiting members for our Backend Team right now. If you would consider working with us at Mercari India, go ahead and apply through the hiring page linked below! (The job postings may change from time to time.)

Keep an eye out for more articles from Mercari India about what Mercari Group is up to. We will keep posting the latest information to our official LinkedIn, so please give us a follow there!


We’re also actively holding offline events at the office and sponsoring tech community events, so maybe our paths will cross in the future. Hope to see you at the next meet-up!

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