Hello everyone! My name is Yoza from the Engineering Office! I am here to share some good news with you!!


Some readers may be wondering “what Mercari Hack Fest is about?”, or some others may already know that Mercari is regularly hosting a technology festival similar to Hackathon. This is the 6th time that Mercari organizes the event and we always have some interesting updates in each event! This article briefly introduces “what’s new” in the upcoming Hack Fest that will take place from November 9-11.

You can check one of previous events HERE

What is Mercari HACK FEST? 🤔

Mercari Hack-Fest is a semi-annual internal technology festival. During the three-day event, people can freely develop new products or do new projects other than what they do in their daily routines, improve on existing tools, or even create their own innovations.People can participate in the event as a team or as an individual contributor.
This is the event where many talented people across Mercari organizations can show off their technology skills and make something impactful that aligns with the Mercari value : GO BOLD, ALL FOR ONE, BE A PRO.

In previous events, we have seen our highly talented engineers come up with excellent projects that made great contributions to our products. We hope that many people will take part in this festival and make some magic happen!

New Event Name 

We used to call the event Hack Week until last year. Some of you who are familiar with the previous event, Hack Week may notice the change in the event name and duration.

From Autumn 2022, the event has been made more compact by changing the duration from one week to three days. Moreover, we also expanded the scope of participants which includes Souzoh in addition to Mercari JP, making it possible for people across Mercari Group to collaborate and exchange their ideas.

The event is now called Hack Fest because the purpose of this event is to have fun just like you are attending a festival. In Japanese, HACK FEST is referred to as 技術祭 (Gijutsu Matsuri), which can be literally translated as Technology Festival.

The Concept of Hack Fest 💡

In addition, one of the most important parts of Hack Fest is the new concept of "Unlimited Hacktivity" to clearly define the activities of the event. Participants can discover unlimited possibilities in the products, the company as well as unlock their hidden talents.

Expected Results 🎯

The ultimate goal we expect is to HAVE FUN!. By engaging in fun activities, it will automatically enhance engagement between our members which can bring about new ideas and increase innovations.

Also, as shown in “Hack Fest effects we expect" above, we are targeting that Hack Fest will have direct effects on product improvement that can lead to company growth.

Outline of the Event 👀

Hack Fest kicks off with opening ceremonies on November 9th and will run for 3 days through November 11th. For the first 2 days, people can concentrate on developing their ideas. There will be no regular meetings or tasks related to daily work in these 2 days.

The final day will feature “Show Case Day” where people can demonstrate the fruits of their labor to the panel of judges. The Judges will evaluate the best projects

Since Hack Fest will be commenced very soon, the Engineering Office will do its best to make the most compelling and meaningful Hack Fest ever! We will update you with the result of Hack Fest once it is done! Please stay tuned!

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