Present at JavaScript Developer Conference in Taiwan

JSDC 2019
Hello, I’m @paipo, working in Mercari frontend team (Logistics and Transaction team, to be more specific). At the beginning of this year, I set my 2019 resolution to be improving my public speaking skills and presenting at a big JavaScript conference. Eventually, my proposal got selected and on October 26th, I fulfilled this resolution by presenting at the biggest JavaScript conference in Taiwan (as known as JSDC) and I felt proud of myself :).

About JSDC

JavaScript Developer Conference (JSDC) is the biggest annual technical conference for JavaScript and the purpose of this conference is to share advanced JavaScript knowledge with audiences all around the world. JSDC started from 2011 and was hosted by three main developer communities in Taiwan. Now they expect JSDC to be an activity where mid-to-high level web developers can share knowledge with each other. Along with individual developers, enterprises and any other organization, they work together to align the knowledge of JavaScript with global standard.
With that being said, not only local engineers will speak at this event, amazing engineers from all over the world are invited to give talks here!

speaker list 1
speaker list 2



My topic this time is “Re-Architecture Item Transaction Page and Sleep Well” (I’ll share more details of my content in the next article). Our Logistics and Transaction team has been working on the re-architecture of this critical page for more than one year. Along the way, we keep evolving our codebase, introducing better workflows and improving communication with PMs and I feel it’s a precious experience for all kinds of engineers. As a result, I decided to share the whole process and some challenges we’ve encountered at this conference. My presentation can be briefly divided into these parts:

  • Problem statement
  • Identify current issues
  • Model your business problem with code
  • Find the minimal divisible unit
  • Make peace with existing codebase
  • Separate into proper layers
  • Apply different testing strategies

The whole session was recorded with the video and I’ll upload it once it’s released :).

Mercari Sponsor

mercari sponsor

Mercari is the biggest second-hand marketplace in Japan, but it’s not well-known in Taiwan yet. We think there is something we can do in terms of branding and marketing. As a result, considering that JSDC is an iconic event, we want to appeal our technical achievement and establish good company image in this event. We cooperated with talent acquisition team to make Mercari one of the sponsors of this event in order to promote our company and try to make connection with participants. Not only during JSDC conference, we hosted some meetups in Taipei before and after the conference and shared information about Mercari. Including Wakasa-san (director of frontend), Hash-san & Sensui-san (engineering managers of frontend), Maho-san & Jessica-san & Mao-san (HRs) all joined these events for promoting Mercari and recruiting purposes. At the end, we talked to many cool engineers and even other sponsors (i.e LINE), and at the same time, we made more people in Taiwan know about Mercari!

mercari meetup


To sum up, I’m glad that I got this chance to polish my public speaking skills and promote Mercari in my hometown. In addition, I feel proud representing my team (Item Transaction Team of Frontend) to talk about all efforts we’ve done to make our codebase a better place. At the end, I hope in 2020, I can share other cool topic of technology used in Mercari in other big event again :)!