About This Site

We created this website as a way for us to openly share information about engineering at Mercari with everyone.

We introduced the idea of open organizations in the Mercari Group, where information is shared so that anyone can use it.

What is an open organization?

An open organization shares a variety of information, making it available for others to use for their own organizations. Ultimately, this aims to help others move in the right direction. At Mercari, we openly share information regarding our structure, evaluation system and culture, and the framework for our business operations: things that represent the very architecture, or the source code of our organization.

Why open organization?

Similar to how open source makes the heart of a software, its source code, available for everyone, making our company’s information open is a way for us to share our knowledge, our essence with the rest of the world. If this kind of open culture takes root, organizations around the world will be able to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. This will allow information from the best companies to be passed on faster than ever, and help raise the bar for other organizations around the world.

How to open your organization?

If you agree with this idea, you can join us and start taking action within your own company. For example, making a website and sharing any information you can could be a great way to start opening your organization. Help us spread the idea of open organizations with the rest of the world!